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Friday, February 26, 2010

[how do you do it?]


blog,February 2010

a full time laundry maid!
laundry: it's a never ending feat that must be done...
let's face it, it's what makes the world go round!
at least if feels that way.

okay, so i am asking you, how do you wash your whites?
i feel like however i clean them, they end up looking dingy too quickly! currently i use tide with bleach and cold water. i've tried hot before, warm, clorox bleach, everything, even following the labels exactly (which is a big pain and pretty much refuse to do these days) what do you do? everyone has their own favorite formula. whats yours? i'd love to know!

blog,February 2010

blog,February 2010

thank you!


Thursday, February 25, 2010


this morning as i pleaded with my oldest to get going and get ready for school,
i found myself getting so worked up!
she didn't want to get moving and neither did i, but we had to.
finally after coaxing and prodding, she began her morning routine.
as soon as it was time to pick out her outfit, more meltdowns followed.
once she made her way to school, i had to sit, decompress and figure out how i can help her
as well as myself.
i came across this guide and found it worthwhile to share:

blog,February 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i could not stop thinking about it!

blog,February 2010

my dream home that is.
last weekend sam & i were able to sneak away with friends for a great little weekend trip
and tour the st. george parade of homes.

blog,February 2010

sigh, i am SO glad i took my camera!
this was the first home we went to, #11 the bedford

blog,February 2010

it pretty much spoiled all the rest.
this show stopper was by far the winner in my book!
it was so amazing! nothing too over the top or extravagant, just charming and livable!

blog,February 2010

check out this big sliding wood door! so cool!

blog,February 2010

and this tub? gorgeous!

blog,February 2010

these built in cabinets were in the master bathroom... love 'em!

blog,February 2010

i fell fast and hard for this little girl's room!
as we headed down south, i hoped to find the perfect picture to make my new blog banner with. this picture (below) screamed bright, cheery, warm and inviting! all my favorite elements balled into one!

blog,February 2010

blog,February 2010
(picture above courtesy of chad sollis)

blog,February 2010

blog,February 2010

this beautiful petal pillow (below) was found in one of the other cute homes.

blog,February 2010

a big thanks to mr. & mrs. sol for an extra fun
"big league blowin' time"
and for chad's much appreciated photoshop tips! we love you guys!


Thursday, February 18, 2010


bright, light, clean, crisp and comfortable

blog,February 2010

it even looks cozy!
only in dream land...

i'm really loving this look right now!

if only i could convince sam...
he thinks this bedding is too ruffly.
i disagree.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

[love is in the air]

blog,February 2010

i don't know what you gave your valentine this year, but i gave mine red plum jam & white bread.

i made sam the most amazing toast (he remembers) on our honeymoon.
we went to the grocery store one romantic autumn night somewhere in boston when i first introduced him to this delicious fruit topping.
ever since, he's been smitten (everything's better in love, right?)

i haven't bought a jar for quite a while, so i decided to make him his favorite toast sunday morning! that loaf of white was devoured before the day's end. it's quite a novelty at our house. dang healthy wheat!

blog,February 2010

my surprise was a flower delivery!
one by one, many slowly disappeared...
my girls thought they were theirs too! i found little prepared vases placed carefully in their rooms. they're too cute!
my favorite part of this delivery was the small note attached- i just eat up his words!

i told him he was a the ultimate poster husband & father; he laughed and told me he wished that were true. i assured him it was. he's the best!

blog,February 2010

we started making valentine sugar cookies...

blog,February 2010

a valentine tradition around here...

blog,February 2010

but once our dough was tucked away in the refrigerator to chill, it never came back out.
we got busy and never finished them :(
i just threw away all of the dough last night.
way to go awesome mom!

blog,February 2010

this little valentine is celebrating her big day today!


Thursday, February 11, 2010


where is lulu?
where is lulu?
here i am.
here i am.
how are you today girl?
very bugged, why thank you.
run away.
run away.

blog,February 2010

when found, i had to laugh!

it happened.
her apparent need for privacy is real.
the other day we found lulu hiding out in the bathroom with the laptop...
agreeably, thee most tranquil place in our home these days.

this clip came to my mind when i found her perched on her throne.
did you ever see this?
it was our favorite!
my sisters and i loved watching this as little girls :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

[so lovely]

bee-bah (as my youngest refers to her) came out flashing these little beauties around!
desperate for earrings, she cleverly clipped these felt hair accessories onto her lobes.

pretty cute & creative i must say!

blog,February 2010

i decided long ago that i would save ear piercing for later.
as darling as little babies are with their ears pierced, i want my girls to remember it. i want them to be able to take care of them too.
there has never been a magic age...
i just want them to beg for the day like i did and then be back flipping excited when we take them!
i'm thinking it will probably be very soon!

blog,February 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

[ruth matthew's chicken]

this delicious dish is my family's all time favorite! this came from my mom's ward cookbook. she made it for us all the time growing up.

ruth matthew's chicken aka cheesy chicken or chicken & rice
it's the bomb!
and, it's easy!
many of my friends can vouch for this one.
more than likely, you'll have all the ingredients too.
give it a try this weekend! it woul
d be delicious! you may want to double the recipe for leftovers*

food,blog,February 2010

4 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts
3/4 cup sour cream
3/4 cup grated cheddar cheese
3/4 cup mayonnaise
1 can cream of mushroom or chicken soup (when i double this recipe, i usually add a can of each)

1 teaspoon lemon juice
onion salt, paprika & pepper to taste

season chicken breasts with the onion salt & pepper. place breasts in a greased glass pan & pour over cheese mixture. sprinkle paprika on top and bake @ 275ยบ for 2 hours uncovered.

we serve it with brown rice & steamed vegetables.
*my friend stephanie discovered that it makes an amazing filler for quesadillas! so good!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[carry me]


today has been an incredibly emotional day for me.
i received word that my sweet friend just found out her little boy has cancer.
as i type this, i don't even know what to say. i am heartbroken and sick inside. when i first heard the news, i was in complete and utter shock. about an hour later, i found myself sobbing to my mom on the phone. "why do little children have to go through these kinds of things!" i wept, "it's terrible!" i rambled on and on about it to my cute mom who completely agreed with me, and somehow made me feel better like she always does with her wonderful words of wisdom. i can't even put into words what she said, i was so absent minded, but it was all inspiring. i do know that this earthly experience is not about "stuff", but it is all about our own special little families- having children and loving them more than anything else in the universe. the only thing we can take with us after this life is our relationships and our memories.

so Lord, please carry me.
please help me be a better mother. please help me never to take my little ones for granted. please help me carry them as they grow, for our time with them is short and truly sacred.

this is good

blog,February 2010
(i took this picture not knowing how i would use it last week. although this entry has nothing to do with dogs, i do believe it was meant for this)

we love you spencer!
our prayers and love are with you and your amazing family!
take care little buddy!