Monday, April 18, 2011


i had the great honor to be with my friend and hero super spencer as he had his last round of chemotherapy last month!
remember this cute boy?

a year ago last february spencer was diagnosed with a rhabdomyosarcoma, a malignant tumor in his parapharyngeal space.
and today i am so incredibly pumped and excited to report that he is
cancer free!

he has gone through so much and been so strong!
after a grueling year, he's done it!  he's conquered cancer and his journey continues on!
  instead of hospital beds, doctors, yucky medicine and scans, he will be home playing, going to school, swimming this summer and doing all the things he loves!

a HUGE shout out to his parents too!  oh my gosh, i can't even begin to imagine all that they've been through.  they are so strong! when i met them up at the hospital to take these pictures, i could see in their eyes and demeanor what a toll this has taken on them.  they were exhausted.  
what relief, excitement and pure joy they must be feeling now!  
 i hope they are so proud of themselves and know how proud our heavenly father is of them too!  
they have endured MUCH and accepted this challenge like champs! 
  can i just say, his mom holly is the most amazing woman i know!
 moms and dads have different obstacles, so as a mom myself, i have enormous respect and love for all that holly has done for her family.  she is so beautiful!  i love you dear friend!
and get this, on top of everything, holly organized a quilt drive for primary children's hospital.  they received oodles of beautiful quilts from all over!  now, so many sweet little sick children will rest cozy with these soft new blankies!

we're SO proud of you spence!!!
it's was so great to see your smile and share in your special day!
congratulations gooch family!
love you!

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