Wednesday, August 29, 2012

girls camp

ha!  i finally got around to pulling all our girls camp pictures off my camera! it's been so fun re-living our fun filled days we spent together!  here are a few to give you a taste!  i keep saying that i probably had more fun than the girls did :)  i seriously had the best time!!!  these girls are all so amazing.  they are so kind to each other, helpful, respectful, brave, spiritual, beautiful, funny, smart, obedient, artistic, happy and strong!  they amaze me.  they strengthen me.  they inspire me.  i can't wait to see the posters they make with everyone's pictures!

notice the bra hanging on the railing (below left) - classic.  
thank you so much bro & sis white for letting us use your cabin!  until next year girls!  xoxo

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Monday, August 27, 2012

back in plaid!

it's such a bitter sweet day, right?  the lazy days of summer have come to a screeching halt and the homework begins!  and so does blogging!  it's been way, way, way too long since i've posted.  life gets in the way as it should and mama couldn't find a second to write.

after a really great summer, the girls were mostly excited and a little bit nervous to go back today.  were you ever nervous for the first day of school?  i was.  i always butterflied it up.   
is it bad that i didn't cry as i watched them head to school?  i think i danced a little.  
and i think i got more done today that i did all last month! i got a workout in, cleaned house, folded laundry while enjoying an uninterrupted phone call with my mom, and dinner will actually be ready and on the table tonight! it feels good. it feels really good.
three cheers for school!  hip-hip-hooray!

©2012 brightsides, all rights reserved.