Wednesday, June 27, 2012

no. 29 design giveaway

today no. 29 design is hosting a $75 credit giveaway to my shop!  this is huge!  be sure to go enter!

and a little sneak peek of my america series coming soon!  

i'm also excited to show you what's main page will look like!  what are your thoughts?  any suggestions for me?   

now i'm off to make my grocery list.  we need stuff.   i think maybe i'll listen to this song while i'm at it☺  ciao!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

owie wowie

we didn't plant it.  it just showed up one day.

this beautiful cactus that stands alone in our yard continues to grow and thrive- even through our freezing cold winters.  amazing.  although they supposedly hurt like hell if you sit on one, so said my grandpa, i like them.  and i'm pretty excited about this prickly plant of ours.  note to self: i better re-tell grandpa's story to the kids so they won't touch.  ouch.

 it's getting hot and this owie wowie sun worshiper has got to be loving it.  i on the other hand, am still acclimating.  and how about this wild wind we've been having?  enough!  and hello?  enough talk about the weather too!  gees.
so, i've been comparing myself to this cactus lately.  i think i've isolated myself the last little while.  i am a lone reed.  i mean, a lone cactus.  it feels like i haven't seen any of my friends in ages!  i'm trying to figure it out, but i think when my schedule changes (like summer break or christmastime) i get all goofed up, out of sync & a bit overwhelmed- which is completely sad, because summer break and christmastime are the absolute funnest times to be with people!  the kids have been with their peeps... why not me?  forget the dishes & laundry!

so sorry friends if i've been totally MIA and lame lately!  i have become anti-social and it's dumb.  i'll work on getting my crap together- because i really do have good intentions and want to see you!


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Monday, June 18, 2012

happy father's day & shop sale!

happy father's day yesterday!  i hope you and the dads in your life had a great day!  
i'll never forget the day when sam became a dad.  he was so excited & proud.  i loved watching him hold our new baby daughter in his arms.  he was so in love with her and so crazy protective :)  i discovered a whole new love for him that day.
 thank you taking care of us, protecting us, teasing us, teaching us and loving us!  you're such an amazing dad & man!  we love you!!!
brenda asked me to design this 3 print set (above) for her baby girl's room...  i'm in love ♥  

i am still offering 25% off in my shop to all my facebook and blog fans today!  use coupon code DadsAreRad25 because dads rock and they love it when we spend less!  am i right?  

 i hope you have a beautiful day!  long live summer!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

summer is here.

dang.  it's been a long time since i've blogged.  so it's summer now.  and you know what that means.   it's been non-stop around this casa!  i need a doorman - a little robot guard would do - just someone to make sure jack doesn't escape while the others run in & out with their friends.  just today i heard the little stink rattling the door knob trying to come back inside.  i had no idea he was even outside!  he could have gone anywhere.  he could have caught a bus.  he could have been hit by a car.   thankfully i came close to the door to hear him!  ahhh!  mom & dad, if you read this, don't worry - i will be watching him like a hawk.  i will put a bell on him too.  and i believe in angels.

pshh.  i think i'm finally done cleaning up puke & poop.  my two littlest caught an awful flu bug about a week and a half ago.  it's been the death of me.  it lasted forever.  i've been a mess.  

amidst the chaos, i've been really trying to capture our summer so far.  it's all been with my iphone & instagram lately.  it's so quick & convenient.  i didn't understand it before.  i was like, "what's the big dealio with instagram?" now i'm like, "this is cool!" and...  i'm hooked.  do you instagram? 
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

there's something about sabrina

 there's something about sabrina that just makes smile & snicker & glow inside.  she's a doll.  she's so funny and has the cutest little laugh you'll ever hear.  she's a monkey.  she's a spider monkey.  she can climb & scale just about anything.  

sabrina came 5 weeks early and gave us a pretty good scare!  she flatlined right after birth and spent a week in the NICU due to premature lungs.  she's a tough little cookie and we're so glad she is!

i love this picture (above) because it shows what a sweet big sister she is.  she sure loves her sisters and little brother!  she's such great little helper and sharer.  [we think] she's just plain darling. 

this cutie turned 7 last week and you bet ya we celebrated!  we do friend parties every other year, so this year was our off year to have a family party!  sabrina chose chuck-a-rama for dinner and then she got to pick out a new bike!!!  
she chose a hot pink one with black tires & gears.  she was rolling in joy!

she also got a new brave doll, a pair of running shoes & some clothes.  lucky ducky.

love you breenie-breen!  happy 7th sis! 

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