Sunday, November 25, 2012

cyber monday sale!

fa la la la la i'm extending our 50% off sale for cyber monday!!  yay!  happy holidays!  pass it on!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

black friday sale!!!

happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving friends!  may we all take a moment to reflect on all the bounteous blessings we've been given.  there is much to be grateful for.

i would personally like to thank you for your love & support!  brightsides designs will celebrate our first anniversary this month!!  i never could have dreamed we'd fill over 600 orders during that time!  thank you so much for your business!

 i also wish you all a wonderful holiday filled with all of your favorite people & foods!  we'll be going to two dinners today.  i keep telling myself to eat light at both places, hoping i'll remember once each glorious feast is before me.  what are your plans?

be sure to check back later tonight for details on my big BLACK FRIDAY brightsides designs sale!!!


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Monday, November 19, 2012

home for the holidays

happy monday friends!  it's thanksgiving week!  i can't even believe it... the days are cruising by and christmas will be here before we know it!  

today i'm introducing two new prints just in time for decorating & gift giving!  

stock up on christmas gifts for everyone on your list & take advantage of free shipping!!!  use coupon code: HOLIDAYship
**all orders must be made by monday, december 10th 5 pm MST to guarantee christmas delivery.
home for the holidays (above) is a festive, cozy little print that can be displayed year after year!  go here to purchase.

for like ever - family is a fun, trendy print that brightens any room and makes a hip, fabulous gift for any family :)  
this print is color customizable at no additional charge!  go here to purchase.

and christmas wouldn't be the same without a little diet coke, no?  purchase my downloadable gift tag here.  
for personal use only.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

sweet potato

the other day we ate a yam together.  just him and i.  
he sat on my lap and gave me kisses after each bite.  like, literally after each bite.  it was pure bliss.  now this is love. 
i'm posting this now in hopes i will never forget. #foodbonding
oh, ya like the snowflake plate you say?  yeah, i never put them away from last winter.  
we dine snowflake style all year round ;) #letitsnow

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Friday, November 2, 2012

the neighborhood

have you heard of the neighborhood yet?  i'm smitten.   check out all the coolness.
i can definitely be more neighborly!  and heading into winter... i'm amazed at how little we see our neighbors once it gets cold.  love all these fun ideas!  go check 'em out

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

happy haunting

last night the kids had fun!  they all scurried out the door as fast as humanly possible with their friends to go trick-or-treating; leaving me no time to get a group picture.  
i did however snag these.
wouldn't he make the cutest little benihana cook?!  he actually dressed up as two things this year- first a jack-o-lantern and then the ninja.  he creamed his orange & black striped pumpkin tights with vanilla frosting at marmie's traditional doughnut party and i totally forgot to wash them.  luckily, sam brought this cute black suit back from china town when he was in san fran last.  we laughed so hard when we slapped on the hat and discovered this funny little braid that dangles down!  he actually kept it on most of the night!!  funny little man.
wigs really make a costume, don't they?  we think she makes a gorgeous red head!  this year she was most excited about wearing blue eye shadow and black mascara.    
lol she did not want that pencil in her pocket.  she couldn't be too nerdy!  hmmm, these pics may come in handy with the boyfriends someday :)
[in a bruno tonioli voice] she wanted to be strong, sleek and scary!  whipping her sword around in her dark black cloak, she would take on the demons of the night!!!  oohhahhaaw
we lucked out big time this year with the weather last night!  it was so warm.  there was no need for even a jacket!  haha, i predicted snow this year... 
it never felt so good to be so wrong!  

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