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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Life is fragile.

Life is fragile, handle with prayer.

Hello friends!  Please help support me in a good cause!!  
This $1.99 digital download was created to help raise money for my sweet and amazingly strong friend Tiffany who was just recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer :( BOO

Tiffany is an amazing nurse, who has taken care of kids at the hematology/oncology clinic at Primary Children's Hospital for 19 years now.  

Tiffany is also a single mother of 4 beautiful children.  She is one of the strongest women I know!!  Tiffany's faith is unwavering and I am so grateful for her example.  

Show her some love and spread the word!

**All of the proceeds will be donated to Tiffany & her family.  

visit Tiffany's fundraising page here 


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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

easter wheat grass tutorial


it's time again to begin growing your easter spring grass!

here's how:
fill a solid container (no holes in the bottom) with vermiculite potting soil (i use miracle grow brand-just the regular blend, not the moisture control kind found at any hardware store or garden section) and cover generously with fresh wheat (depending on how much grass you want to grow, i'd say recommend buying at least 3 cups at any health food store in their bins with scoops.  i just use the wheat that i buy in big bags for grinding to make bread) aprox 1/4-1/2" deep - enough to cover the vermiculite completely.

water with a light spray slowly, making sure it seeps in well without overflowing. when water starts to barely pool on top, you have enough water.
cover with plastic wrap to hold in heat and moisture.  water lightly to moisten each day in a sunny spot in your home. and once fully sprouted, remove the plastic and let grow! 
continue to water each day :)

this image above is the grass at approximately day 10.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

sand, sun and santa claus part I

we surprised our kids and ran away with our cousins the week before christmas.  it was glorious and just plain rad.  
this seaside donut shop was amazing sauce.  it's open twenty four hours every single day.  yummm.  thanks for the tip jodi- i went up a pant size because of you ;) it was worth it.
aren't these flowery vines (above) are insanely gorgeous?!  i found out through instagram that it's called bougainvillea.  and it's poisonous.  boo!!  i was ready to come home and plant it all over my yard.   
we have so many more pics, it's kinda disgusting.  i have a problem.  and i also can't stop listening to this album.
  yeah, so i have some of my iphone pics i think i'll bore share with you :)  get excited friends!  part II coming soon.  bumps!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

funny face party

last saturday we had annie's funny face party!  this little delight turned five this year!!  
we had so much fun decorating funny face cupcakes, taking silly pictures in our funny face photo booth, and ripping it up with a little freeze dance!  oh, and i can't forget the piñata!
the best was when sam got behind the lens.  what a fun daddy!!

i found this darling photo booth kit at walmart in their party section.  it came with the backdrop and an assortment of silly accessories i.e. mustaches, glasses, lips, hats, etc.
thank you friends for making her day special!  
and a big thank you to pétra for all your prep help and my sweet sister-in-laws for helping with crowd control ;)


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Bells are Ringing

here's a special Christmas treat for you! 

this is my little brother (right) and my cousin's rendition of Christmas Bells are Ringing.
my kids can't stop watching.  either can i.  we're laughing our guts out!  i don't know if it's funny because we know them... or if it's just plain hilarious to all!  i'd say the latter.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

hale - o

so i dusted my camera off and ventured outdoors with these awesome peeps.  this is my darling sister-in-law and her adorable family! aren't they the cutest? they're all so funny and exude oodles of personality, making them extra fun to capture :)  and best of all, my little nephews were so well behaved.  love that.

i prayed hard for good weather.  being in utah, you never know!  thankfully, it turned out to be a beautiful, mild afternoon with gorgeous lighting.  

and doesn't their pretty black lab just make these pics complete?  he's like the icing on top of a delicious gingerbread cookie! yumm

merry christmas hale family!  i had a blast with you! love you guys ♥ xoxo

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