Friday, January 25, 2013

sand, sun and santa claus part I

we surprised our kids and ran away with our cousins the week before christmas.  it was glorious and just plain rad.  
this seaside donut shop was amazing sauce.  it's open twenty four hours every single day.  yummm.  thanks for the tip jodi- i went up a pant size because of you ;) it was worth it.
aren't these flowery vines (above) are insanely gorgeous?!  i found out through instagram that it's called bougainvillea.  and it's poisonous.  boo!!  i was ready to come home and plant it all over my yard.   
we have so many more pics, it's kinda disgusting.  i have a problem.  and i also can't stop listening to this album.
  yeah, so i have some of my iphone pics i think i'll bore share with you :)  get excited friends!  part II coming soon.  bumps!

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