Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[are you a xenophile?]

so... i'm a bit embarrassed to say that i just learned this word today during story time.  xenophile.
fancy nancy taught me.  nice vocabulary right?
do you know this word?  are you a xenophile?
to be honest, i wouldn't say i'm a xenophile.  i like foreign people, places and things, but i'm not a huge culture craver.  
are you?  
i think i used to be... and maybe i will be again in the future...
it's just not the right season i suppose.
and this may sound crazy to most, but i'm not a super big traveler either.  maybe its because i've never been anywhere exotic or glamorous.  i'm pretty content staying close to home.  don't get me wrong, i like vacations, but i don't live and die for them.  ya know?  do you?  do you live and die for them?  where are you itching to go?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[chew it. chew it real good]

good golly!  my computer is slower than molasses these days!  wow, my nose has been stuck in The Help (i'm finally reading it) every spare minute i've got and i'm starting to sound like some a them southern women!

yeah, mac daddy has been bogged down for the last little bit, and it's driving me bonkers!  it takes the same amount of time to load one page as it takes me to eat a whole cookie.  okay, lets get real, i can woof down a cookie pretty dang fast if i want to :)  the point is, i'm spoiled.  i guess we all are.  remember what the internet used to be like?  good ol' dial up?  well, i'm so used to instant internet gratification.  and to be honest, i'm pretty bothered right now.  that little spinning color wheel telling me to hang tight is making me looney!  no wonder i haven't blogged for what seems like 5 days but it's only been 4 :)  ooh, the minny in me is coming out!

i'll stop whining now and get on with it...
 i'm pretty excited to share with you my favorite teethers!  these foam letter puzzles make the best chew toys for little ones!  i bought this one at the dollar store and little j man loves to sit and gum 'em to death.  if i remember right, my friend stephanie made this awesome discovery.  one day while she was at my house during one of annie's teething moments, she shoved one in her wee mouth and it worked like a charm!  I've sworn by them ever since. 
go on, give 'em a try! 

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Friday, August 26, 2011

[a book themed baby shower]

once upon a time...
i saw this book baby shower idea on and i just had to share!
isn't this idea so dang darling?
and guess what?  you can print these ever so charming invitations here!
this ca-razy cute garland makes me weak in the knees.
the mother goosed theme menu
ring around the rose petal fools
humpty dumpty custard cups
drooling yet?  i totally have slobber all over my keyboard!
um, yes please!  
is this the best idea ever or what?  i always get so wet while bathing my babes!  love this!  
this is such fun and unique, yet practical shower idea.
make one here

all images courtesy of

[attention all art supply lovers]

wouldn't this art supply bouquet make the greatest teacher gift?  
i think this would be so fun to try and make.
so whimsical and unique!
happy friday everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

[blame it on sisters]

what have we been up to this last week?
well, we just returned home from a quick, last hoorah trip before school starts,
swimming lessons,
school shopping, 
a little hair color.
lol!  this was bound to happen right?  with three older sisters, i'm surprised they haven't dressed him up already!
i heard all this giggling and then wailing coming from the family room...  jack had been rolling around on the carpet when all of the sudden he got attacked by the dress-up fairies.  the girls were laughing so hard i'm surprised they didn't pee their pants!  
i quickly grabbed my camera and started snapping;  i knew i better take a few pics fast while i could. 
gotta love sisters!
(picture taken myself with my phone cam-hence the blank stare :)
and as for me, i decided to try and save some money this month and color my own hair.
via facebook, my cute sister kate gave me just the right amount of encouragement i needed to go through with it :) 
worst case scenario: i have it fixed, right?
so i bought one of those cheap little diy box kits from the grocery store, crossed my fingers, and started applying.
twenty five minutes later, and viola!
i think it turned out pretty darn good!
i'm so happy!  
this song has been rolling around in my brain all day!  thanks tara for getting me hooked!  love it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

[just a spoonful of jelly]

these homemade jars of fruity goodness are disappearing rapidly like the last few spoonfuls of summer.
aren't they gorgeous?

months back, heck about a year ago for the berry, we were given these incredible jars of home canned jellies.  the blazing orange is a mango plum and the beautiful dark pink is some sort berry.  maybe marion berry?

and that jar of mystery berry preserves came from one of my oldest friends nicole.  she got married last summer and had an incredibly amazing wedding dinner that her and her husband catered themselves!  
it was nestled in the park with the most charming adornments.  regretfully i didn't bring my camera.  this is a HUGE sore subject for me!  i have been kicking myself ever since!  i was sick and pregnant at the time and just wasn't feeling it :( 
it would have made the perfect photo op and i declined.  i'm still so mad at myself for not bringing my camera with me!!!

the mango plum came from another dear friend kimberly.  she came to visit baby jack just after he was born and had this little jewel of sweetness packaged carefully with fresh bread and the cutest little red shoes you've ever seen.  i should take some pictures of those too!
two amazing gifts from two amazing women.
thank you for your friendship and thank you for your sweet treats!  we've been savoring them!

and here is a song for you today.  it's a good one.  ruby blue

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Monday, August 15, 2011

[fresh & fragrant]

sigh little emmie is just the sweetest little thing you've ever seen.  fresh & fragrant.  so brand new.
she's super delicious. i love yellow. i love her.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

[mad about men in gray]

i love a man in a gray suit.  take note sammy.  and i'm diggin' the vest & hat too.
this suit (above) is from the mad men collection
what's funny is people say my hubs looks like mr. don draper on the show (jon hamm
i agree.
grrr.  slap on that suit smitty!  now!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

[oh yes i am!]

the girls are gone, jack's asleep, i'm sitting here in my workout clothes (mind you), and i'm totally
goin' for this chocolate molten lava dessert sam bought me a couple nights ago at chilis!
this hot little liquid centered delight has been staring at me patiently awaiting my splurge for too long now. 
 i've been enjoying every bite.
just now a door-to-door produce salesman knocked on my door interrupting my happy time with the most vibrant colored orange piece of orange you've ever seen.  he quickly handed it to me and before i knew it a slice of apple and then grapefruit.  juices were running all down my hands while holding this colorfully fragrant bouquet of summer...  and i quickly returned to my happy place. 
 he got me.  i was sold.  
crap.  this is what i should be eating for dessert. 
well kids, this is what we will be suckin' down day and night for the next couple of weeks.  i just bought a giant box of fruit!  
gosh, i'm thinking maybe i should go work out again now!  nah!!!

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mmm. stopping for a simple pb & honey. and chips. it's just delish. side note: my house needs a bubble bath. as do i.

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[and the lucky winner is...]

so... picked #28
congratulations julia! 
you are the winner of the 16x20 print giveaway!
i will be contacting you soon!

for all those who entered, thank you!  i wish you could have all won!  i'm so super flattered by all of your very nice comments... and if i decide to start selling them, i'll for sure let ya know!

my latest pinterest finds.  i'm really lovin' how all these look together.  
ha!  i had to laugh when i saw this.  funny huh?  check out more clever art like this here.  make today a party!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[it's you & me in the summertime]

beach, sun, boats & cousins.  can it get any better?  long live summer!
this post reminds me of this song
hey, have you entered the giveaway yet?

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

[16x20 custom print giveaway]


dearest readers,
thank you so much for visiting my blog!  i know i have a bunch of faithful followers and i love you guys!
i've been in the mood for a great giveaway (at least i think you'll like it, i've had a lot of people comment, blog, and email me asking about these, so... i figure it will be well received :)
so here's the deal-io yo!

i'll be giving away one 16x20 custom print!
your choice of either one our house or daily bread print
 i'll be happy to customize the colors and wording too!  i.e. 2 kids, 4 dogs, etc.
keep it for yourself, gift it, whatever you desire.
here's how to enter the giveaway:
• leave a comment 
• blog about this giveaway (worth two entries*)
• post on facebook about this giveaway
• follow brightsides by email (see right top right column to subscribe)
to enter you must comment & be sure to comment separately for each entry
also, be sure to leave your e-mail address so i can contact you if you don't have a link.
*don't forget to comment twice if you blog about this!
remember, the more entries, the better your chances :)

the deadline for entries will be this wednesday night (august 10th) at midnight.
good luck to you!

Friday, August 5, 2011

[my big man on campus]

hunk of burnin' love is now my big man on campus!  
jack thomas turned six months last week and he's more adorable than ever right now!  
he's all of the sudden discovered his tongue; we somehow find it so funny and can't stop laughing at him :)  
i was so curious to find out his stats yesterday at his checkup, he's grown so much!
he weighs 18.5 pounds now.  he's a big boy!  the doc said he's perfect.  she also said that at six months their eye color is permanent.  i had never heard that before.  we knew the minute he was born baby's got blue eyes!  

the picture above on the right reminds sam and i so much of our nephew jake when he was a babe!  
that little half smile- or something!  genetics- so incredible.  
forever i saw so much of my dad and brother scott in him.  lately he looks just like his daddy to me :)
love you son!  
xo forever,

be sure to check back soon!  i'm super excited to announce
[get ready to scream] 
my next post will be a sweet giveaway!  
i promise, you won't want to miss it!

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