Thursday, May 31, 2012

RAW Salt Lake City

have you heard?  RAW is coming to salt lake city!  i'm SO excited!  if you or someone you know is an artist of any kind, check this out!  this is a great opportunity to be seen, heard & loved!!  this is big.  submit your work today!  don't live in SLC?  they have locations all over the country and shows every month!
sorry i've been a little m.i.a. lately- i've had sick kiddies this week and last ☹
have a great day!  the weekend is almost here!  giddy up cowboys!

Friday, May 25, 2012

the monogram collection

happy friday all!  i don't know about you, but i am more than ready for the weekend!  
today i am excited to introduce to you my new monogram collection!!!  I've always been crazy about monograms- admiring them on stationary and stamps.  they're so cool & classy.
so i came up with four different styles (for now) that are the perfect size to display in our homes!
this first one (above) is called the bumble monogram shown in mustard.  but like all of these monogram prints, they are offered in any color on my custom color chart at no additional cost.  you can purchase the bumble here
this next one (above) is the thomas monogram shown in navy.  you can purchase the thomas here
the country club (above) is shown in putty, navy & white.  this classic style can be purchased here
and finally the anna monogram shown in pale pink.  this one would make a darling baby gift!  the child's name and birth stats can also be added.  she can be purchased here

thanks for checking these out!  hopefully there's a little something for everyone here!  

have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

5 hour energy recipe

wanting an energy boost without all the caffeine?  it's all about vitamin b baby!  have you every looked at the ingredients in those little 5 hour energy shots?  they are loaded with vitamin b6 & 12.  for a fraction of the price you can make your own natural freckle juice!  

here's how to make the magic potion:  take 2 super b-complex (these contain niacin & folic acid which are also found in the 5 hour energy drink) tablets and finely crush them in a glass (i use the end of my rolling pin).  add 1/4 cup ninja red (this is what i use-it's the best at neutralizing the yucky vitamin taste + it's rich in wide-spectrum antioxidants) or cranberry juice & mix well.  that's it!*  

why not just swallow the tablets whole?  you definitely can!  by crushing them, your body absorbs them much quicker for a fast energy boost.   i love that there is no crash landing either.  i feel energized quickly and don't hit a brick wall after a few hours.  

did you know that vitamin b helps convert food into energy?  love that!  here are more awesome facts about it.

now go get something done :)

have a great weekend!  i'm so excited to stay in tonight for family movie night in my jammies!  how will you celebrate the end of the week?

*5 hour energy has the caffeine equivalent of 1 cup of coffee- so if you are wanting the caffeine, you can add 1 crushed caffeine tablet.
**WARNING: i am not a physician and will not be held liable for your health.  be sure to read all labels & consult your physician before using. 

i am not paid to promote these products.
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

teacher gift idea

here she is framed!  i think i like the red the best.  it's so classic school teacher.   i don't know though, it might be fun to be unique and give one in a non traditional color- like citron!
place your orders asap so you'll have your gifts in time to gift ♥
oh, and i found the cutest 8x8" frames here if you're wanting to go square; or any size/shape for that matter.  they're so pretty in a simple way.  love.  
and, if you're a square lover like me, get pumped - i'm getting ready to introduce a new collection very soon and they're all square!!!

love you guys!  thank you for your business & support!  i'm doing what i love because of you!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

art of the teacher

school is almost out!  before we know it our kids will be home with us. all. day.  are you still looking for a teacher gift?  
if so, lucky for you!  there is still time to order my newest addition to the shop! 
 art of the teacher is available in sizes 5x7" & 8x8" in the colors red, citron, shiltake, chartreuse & apple green.  what do you think about square?  i'm pretty excited!  i can't wait to show you this framed!  i typically don't like to add a print to the shop until i can show it framed, but i wanted to get this one out asap so you can order it lickity-split to have for your teacher(s) in time!  here is another great teacher gift idea too!
p.s. don't forget that each additional print after the first is $0- so load up your cart and save!
p.p.s. for those of you who know me personally and live close by, just message me with your order and come pick it up!  no need to pay shipping!  

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

basement barbie roundup

i warn them every few months or so that they will need to narrow down the barbies and give some away.  
we were laughing our guts out, annie and i.  we went downstairs to play barbies together and ended up taking head shots with my iphone of each contestant, as well as naming & instagram-ing these lookers.  they're famous now.
who will stay and who will be sent home to goodwill?  cast your vote and save your favorite!  don't assume any are safe! 
once the older girls got home from school today and saw each barb jazzed up and photographed, they really don't want to part with any one of them now lol.  i'm a mean mom.  
ya like that old plaid hide-e-bed?
1. bluie  2. rapunzel  3. california ken  4. busty  5. jewels  6. pocahontas aka "cutie"  7. karlie  8. amber  9. donna  10. lisa  11. hannah montana (we think)  12. jasmin  13. fairy girl  14. sparkles  15. dorothy with a silver mole  16. wanda  17. ariel as snow white  18. rosie  19. sasha  20. brittany

please limit your votes to 3 contestants.  good luck and good night.  the top 5 will be announced next week.  

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Monday, May 14, 2012


last week my darling livie turned ten!  i'm completely baffled on how this has happened.  she is so big & so grown up!  her feet are almost as big as mine!  whaaat?  she's tall. 

i could go on & on about how she was the easiest baby, had the most beautiful long, blonde, naturally curly hair, and how i sobbed the first time she had stitches, but i'll keep this short & sweet.

it all comes down to her today and about how super rad she is.  let's just say i want to be like olivia when i grow up.  she inspires me.  she is one of the hardest workers i know.  she's sweet and caring and insanely talented.  

livie is quite the little artist.  she can draw people.  and dresses.  they are amazing.  she is currently the goalie on her soccer team, and has the most beautiful cursive writing in the whole fourth grade (that's what her friends say :)

liv is the best big sister.  she makes the perfect oldest child.  she keeps track and carries around her little brother for me - that's huge.  she helps me so much.  i'll stop bragging now.

thank you for making me a mother liv! you were the best first mother's day gift i could ever ask for!!  

i love you sis!  do me a favor and slow down on the growing thing though, okay?  it's kinda freakin' me out!

♥ your mom

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

judge not

we've been asked; we should obey.  like take tuesday for example.  i had to wake jack up from his nap early to head to the school for sabrina's "hero report" presentation.  i was in a rush, like usual, and completely forgot to change his diaper.  once we got to the school, i jumped out of the car, grabbed my shoeless, wet baby (before i even realized he was sopping) and booked it into the classroom.  jack's pants were pretty drenched.  i was so incredibly embarrassed!  i strategically held him in such a way that i hoped & prayed nobody would notice & be totally grossed out.  poor kid.  he was so uncomfortable.  i was uncomfortable too!  my arm was wet with pee & tired from holding him in one position- but i couldn't put him down!  

now, if i were to see a mom in that situation, what would i think?  to be honest, before this little episode, the first thing that would probably pop in my head (even though this has probably happened to me before with one of my other 3 kids) would be, "gross!  poor baby!  what is that mom's problem?" 

we've been asked not to judge.  we never know what other people are going through or what's in their bag.  tuesday's stinky experience was a good reminder that most people are just doing the best they can and that we all have challenges & bad days.  

so today i'm sharing with you my latest print, hot off the press judge not, that ye be not judged
so, if you see me at the grocery store today un-showered & still in my sweats, no shame!
i hope your day is better than the last 3 have been for me!  if somebody pees on me, spills cereal all over the floor, or uncontrollably cries again for the umpteenth time, i think i'll go ballistic! 

happy thursday!

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

kylie: senior pictures

 hello model!  not only is kylie a natural beauty, but she is so super duper talented, smart, sweet and fun!  and her sparkly blue eyes?  they're really that blue! 

when i was asked to take her senior pictures, i of course jumped at the chance!  i've watched kylie grow up and it's killing me that she's old enough to graduate!  killing me!  she babysat my children for years and we all just love her to pieces!  
this girl is going places!  congratulations sweet girl!  love you! 

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the acorn bakery

are you ready for some serious eye dessert today?  check out my darling friend genevive's new bakery!

the acorn bakery is a made-from-scratch, one woman operation in the heart of downtown southern pines, NC! 

genevive currently makes sweet and savory morning pastries, cakes, cookies, and the best pies in town using the best ingredients she can find (local eggs, local berries, french butter, local goat cheese, belgian chocolate, mexican vanilla, etc). 

she is frequently asked, "how are you  opening a business when your husband is in the army... won't you just move soon?" she replies, "after three years of teaching high school, i realized that i couldn't just wait around for my husband to retire to finally do something that i really love." 

while waking up at 4:00 am and working until 6:00 pm isn't exactly her dream job, the opportunity to be her own boss is really rewarding. she says, "i get to be creative on a daily basis and will never get tired of hearing that people love my food. i am also getting to become a part of my small town's community, and i love the tight knit group of people that i am becoming a part of."

guaranteed her high school students miss her!  hopefully they visit her at acorn!   
isn't she adorable?  how she stays so thin baking all her deliciousness is beyond me!  
genevive and i grew up together! yep, one street apart.  her mom always made the best cookies... maybe that's where she gets her talent ☺ 
last year at her sister nicole's wedding, i had the great pleasure of tasting her baked goods... and oh-my-my, everything was to die for!  
her toasted coconut cupcakes- those babies were pure heaven!  do you sell cupcakes too Veive?  if not, ya otta!
i sure wish i lived in north carolina!  but if you happen to live anywhere close to southern pines, be sure to go eat a pastry (or five) for me!  

be sure to check out her website here.
oooh, and show her some love and like her on Facebook too!
thanks for letting me feature you vieve!  take care & keep up the good work!

photos courtesy of the acorn bakery

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

she'll be glad you did!

are you ready for mother's day?  if not, save 10% this week and order the little lady(s) a print!  
if you're not sure what she'd like, buy her a gift certificate!  
she'll be glad you did ❤  
 just sayin'

have you seen these new prints yet?  any one of these would be darling for mothers!  does your mom, mother-in-law, sister or friend happen to be hot AND humble?  tell her so!  she'll love you forever!  it's also cute to have around as a great reminder for the whole family :) 
I actually got this idea off american idol when the judges told the final contestants to stay humble and they'll be 
unstoppable superstars
measure with carewhat we love mostit's hot to be humble • chillax

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