Wednesday, May 26, 2010

[california usa: part I]

ahh laguna...

blog,May 2010 Laguna Beach CA
blog,blog,May 2010 Laguna Beach CA,May 2010 Laguna Beach CA

rapid fire shots taken right after little blake was pulled out of the cold ocean water. his unsolicited swim scared him pretty bad -
but what do ya know? this brave little man headed right back in!

what a stud!

blog,May 2010 Laguna Beach CAblog,May 2010 Laguna Beach CAblog,May 2010 Laguna Beach CA

word on the beach was that these two little cousins (above) kissed. when asked about it later, tally replied in his deep raspy little voice,
"they're pants on fire!!! we didn't kiss!"
ha ha

no kissing cousins!


Monday, May 24, 2010

[love: that way]

i am so excited for my dear friend nicole!
she's getting married and i am just so happy for her! i'm really excited to finally meet the famous groom. i understand he's an amazing chef and will be catering their wedding luncheon!
mmmm can't wait!

here is their invitation i received in the mail recently.

blog,May 2010

don't you just love these cheerful, uniquely designed cards?
i really appreciate the simplicity and clean lines - definitely not the average wedding invitation. congratulations nicole & jamison!

cheers to love!

design and print by evapaul


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[so easy]

blog,May 2010,Laguna Beach CA

we spotted this fellow on laguna's gorgeous beach.
he enjoyed the bright sun & salt water while watching his friends surf.

i always have fun people watching and just had to play paparazzi and snap this dude.
watch out, i just may get ya :)


i believe we deemed this our trip theme song
we heard it in disneyland and thankfully sam had his finger on it - i love it

if you search the video clip - it's quite psycho - not recommended - it almost blew it for me

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[one year]

last thursday, may 13th, brightsides celebrated it's one year mark!
we were at disneyland picking up some big delicious ice cream cones on the day!
hence, the reason for last week's absence.

blog,May 2010

the night we returned home, sam and i knelt down to say our nightly prayer together and this is what came out of me, "...father, we're anxious to be back home and into our routine... chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, okay, not super anxious!" we both broke into loud laughter knowing full well that i was completely fibbing while trying to be positive & optimistic lol!!! we weren't anxious at all!

i can't wait to share more of our southern california trip with you!
it's hard to believe we're already home unpacking. time to get back real life! my house is reminds me.


Friday, May 7, 2010

[a mother's gift]

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

blog,May 2010

my very first mother's day present was my daughter. she arrived just in time!

all the love the universe could hold filled my expanded soul.

i learned what my mother feels for me. i learned what my heavenly father feels for me.
i immediately comprehended that the unconditional crazy love we feel for our children is far beyond magical and immeasurable.
my testimony grew "noon day sun" stronger that day.

i would do anything for that fresh little spirit forever.
it sounds strange, but i loved (and still do love) her so much... i longed for her while i held her - like i missed her.

i cried often during those first few days (probably half hormonal-lol) after we brought her home. i felt criminal for bringing this perfect pure angel into such a cold and cruel world. sam worked to console me and reminded me of the plan, the reason why we come to this earth. our child chose to come and she will enjoy all of the unbelievable blessings & experiences this life grants us. i swallowed my fears and decided we must always strive to keep our home a safe haven for her and our growing family.

life is beautiful & children & motherhood are beautiful just like these fresh cut flowers.
may we indulge in their sensational beauty, cheer, and lovely fragrance daily.
i'm so delighted to be a mother!

blog,May 2010
blog,May 2010

happy mother's day!

love these hairpin vases? love them for mothers? i just think they are so clever and make such a darling handmade gift!
ashley ann gives her tutorial


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

[orange crush]

blog,May 2010

blog,May 2010

blog,May 2010

blog,May 2010

our reaction to orange is almost instantaneous and has profound impacts on the choices we make everyday.

orange stimulates activity, appetite an encourages socialization

apparently the message you send by driving an orange vehicle says you're fun-loving, talkative, fickle and trendy.

my mother-in-law is not a fan of the bright color. sorry ellen, i just had to -lol
my littlest loves it & can't stop saying it. "orange! orange! orange!!!"

blog,May 2010

(above) orange & honey room spray. so fresh & invigorating.

blog,May 2010

one of our favorites around here are these orange baked yams. check out that caramelization! so yummy!

i find the average dislike them...

give them another go
learn to like 'em
they're super good for you

here are some baking tips from my sis linds:
•don't poke holes
•place on a foil lined baking sheet (easy clean-up)
•cook @ 400ยบ for 1.5 hours
•watch them caramelize
•eat them naked (not you silly, the yam!) they're surprisingly very sweet
•they are also incredibly delicious the next day cold

an orangish song

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i can't say we have many collections at our fine establishment,
unless you count crumbs, polly pockets or single homeless socks. lol.

but here is one we have to be proud of...

blog,May 2010

blog,May 2010

box tops!

yep, they can be found on many grocery store products. my kids are quite obsessed with these
little rectangle wonders

most are worth 10¢, but we will occasionally find ones worth 50¢! cha ching!
all of this money goes straight to our schools when turned in. they sure add up!
we have our extended family clipping and saving them for us too. i love it! we'll be at family parties and be handed little baggies full :D
and apparently schools will also be given money for empty capri sun pouches too (collected in the cafeteria) pretty cool!

so, if you see these little stamps, please cut them out before throwing out or recycling your packages. turn them in to your school or pass them along to someone who does have school aged children. every little bit helps!


Monday, May 3, 2010

[temple marriage]

the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery ~Mark Van Doren

blog,May 2010
(depending on your monitor, you may or may not be able to see the temple in the background)

it's true what they say, the teacher always learns the most!

temple marriage was the topic, and i was asked to prepare one of the most important, far reaching lessons to the entire young women's yesterday. ahhh! talk about pressure :) as i read over #15 many times, i was amazed at how much i soaked up. after being married and sealed in the temple over 11 years ago, i thought i knew quite a bit, but there is always so much more to be learned.

{here is an excerpt from the lesson}
Spencer W. Kimball told the following true story:

"a few years ago a young couple who lived in northern utah came to salt lake city for their marriage. they did not want to bother with a temple marriage, or perhaps they did not feel worthy. at any rate, they had a civil marriage. after the marriage they got into their automobile and drove north to their home for a wedding reception. on their way home they had an accident, and when the wreckage was cleared, there was a dead man and a dead young woman. they had been married only an hour or two. their marriage was ended. they thought they loved each other. they wanted to live together forever, but they did not live the commandments that would make that possible. so death came in and closed that career. they may have been good young people; i don't know. but they will be angels in heaven if they are. they will not be gods and goddesses and priests and priestesses because they did not fulfill the commandments and do the things that were required at their hands.

sometimes we have people who say, 'oh, someday i will go to the temple. but i am not quite ready yet. and if i die, somebody can do the work for me in the temple.' and that should be made very clear to all of us. the temples are fro the living and for the dead only when the work could not have been done. do you think that the Lord will be mocked and give to this young couple who ignored him, give them the blessings? the Lord said, 'for all contracts that are not made unto this end have an end when men are dead.' (D&C 132:7)"

"the blessings and promises that come from beginning life together, for time and eternity in a temple of the Lord, cannot be obtained in any other way and worthy young Latterday Saint men and women who so begin life together find that their eternal partnership under the everlasting covenant becomes the foundation upon which are built peace, happiness, virtue, love and all of the other eternal verities of life, here and hereafter" -Heber J. Grant

for those of you who are thinking about going to the temple, don't procrastinate. make it a priority for you and your family's eternal salvation now. and for those of us who are already sealed, we must remain worthy to receive these blessings.
i bear testimony that marriage is divine, and that a temple marriage is the Lord's way and the only way to eternal happiness.
i write these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

p.s. a big thank you to all the girls and leaders for your comments!
you made my first lesson great! xo