Thursday, July 22, 2010

[paint a pot]

dig, dig, dig
plant, plant, plant
toss, toss, toss

not knowing what i would do with these black plastic shrub and flower planting pots early last month,
i did know there must be something fun to make of them rather than simply throwing them away.
so, much to sam's dismay, i stacked them up in our garage and told him i would use them soon.
 here is our latest diy project:

painted plastic pottery!
perfect for your summertime centerpieces, flower pots, or simple d├ęcor

items needed:
  • plastic pots of any size or material
  • naptha, goo-be-gone, or other solvent to remove stickers
  • paint
  • sponge brushes
  • modge podge (matte finish)
  • protective table covering
  • labels or other paper pictures (opt)
remove stickers. wash. dry well. place on protected surface. paint horizontally using large sweeping brush strokes. let dry. paint again. rub off edges for distressed look. pick picture or label you'd like to use.  paint the back of label or picture with mod podge.  position on pot. let dry. paint over the picture and rest of pot with mod podge. let dry. fill with your favorite flowers, fruit (like pineapple), office supplies, anything you'd like. 

*take note: this seems super obvious, but just in case... since these particular pots have holes in the bottom, plan to fill another solid container with flowers and water and carefully inserted when used as a vase.

i came across this paper at roberts and fell in love with  cosmo cricket's bright colors and retro designs.
i thought they'd make the perfect addition to summertime art.

this was such a fun project to do with my kids too!  they always love a good painting project, and there's really no way to mess them up.  

this would even be a great project to do near Christmas time.  
fill them with tissue paper and a gift or seasonal fruit and wrap gingerly in cellophane with a cute tag.
oh, you could even place a small pine tree or rosemary plant in one.
the ideas are really flowing here :)