Saturday, February 5, 2011


he's here!!!
meet the newest member of our family!
little jack thomas has arrived!
weighing 7 lbs, 12 oz and 20 inches long, he's perfect

after eight and a half hours of labor and a lot of pushing (his little round head made it quite difficult :)
he came out with the cutest little cry.  sigh it was love at first sight when they laid him on me and i kissed that little face!  he's been so fun!  his big sisters are of course eating him up too!  they've been so good and such great helpers!

wow, watch out if he's hungry or it's time to change his diaper...
he's a screamer!!!  
i call him the little lobster baby because when he gets so worked up he turns bright red and stiffens straight out :)  we laugh and feel bad at the same time... we know he's fine, just mad!
ooh, but he's so cuddly and quiet the rest of the time (for the most part) i would surely hold and kiss him all day long if i could - not with three other kiddies around! 

he he he, notice his dark hairy little shoulders  (above :)

we're so blessed to have him here safe and sound, healthy and strong.
thank you dear friends and family for all the help you've given us with our kids, meals, treats, flowers and more!
we really feel so loved and supported during this exciting time!

and thank you dear sam for being the "mommy" this last week and a half!!!  
he's really stepped in for me doing all of the laundry, carpool, homework, dishes, etc. 
it will be quite interesting to see how things go down once he's back to work... i'm nervous!

and now that i'm somewhat back on my feet, you know i can't wait to take more pictures of this little man!