Thursday, March 17, 2011

[jack attack]

today while the older girls were at school, i thought i'd try and snap a few shots of jack.
he's been changing so much!
we had a few melt downs.
better luck next time i guess.

i sent sam to the store last night for some new similac - the sensitive kind.
nursing has been an adventure (that's a whole different story i'll someday tell)
this poor little guy has not been happy.
he's fussy and unsettled.
if he's not asleep, he wants to be held.
i am exhausted.

well, sam came back with the formula and some different kind of binks to try.
low and behold, i think we have a keeper.
they're the gerber cherry nipple kind.
i'm praying he will continue to like this type... if not, we may be in trouble.
i just want my baby to be happy!
i want to enjoy him.
i want him to enjoy me.
i want to lay side by side and listen to him coo and watch him smile.
it's close.
i can feel it.

when i pointed out to sam that this new bink he bought had pink on it, 
he said, "ah, he's secure enough in his manhood!  it's fine."
i laughed.