Wednesday, May 4, 2011


okay, so i've taken quite the hiatus from blogging these last few months...  i've been busy!
in preparation for jack's blessing i got on a total 
"project kick" (events are the best excuse to get stuff done!)
well, one project turned into another and another and four and five and so on.
whew!  i've been working my tail off!  i don't know how so many amazing do-it-yourself moms do it!  i got so exhausted hauling my kids around from store to store.  when do you people go shopping?  most stores don't stay open late enough. when do you work your magic? at night after the kids go to bed?  that was the only time i had, and i about killed myself off!
loving my new camera strap i got for my birthday found at the polka dot bungalow

sunday was jack's blessing day and it turned out to be the beautiful, sunny, spring day i had been praying for.  

sam gave jack such a special blessing.
one of many parts that resonated the loudest was when he blessed him with a kind heart.

if you know sam, you know that he has the kindest, most compassionate heart.
if that is one thing jack inherits from his father, he's set!  he'll make an amazing husband and father some day :)

my heart was full and bursting during the meeting.
i stood and bore my testimony and i'm afraid i sounded totally ridiculous, but, that's what spewed out and i hope i made some sort of sense lol.

we had family and friends back to our house and enjoyed a delicious lunch thanks to all those who brought such amazing food!
my cute sister-in-law melisa made the most tasty little dessert, blond snickerdoodle brownies.  everyone wanted the recipe.  i'm excited to get my hands on it and share it with y'all!

as the party died down, i grabbed my sister-in-law beki and asked her if she'd snap a few pics of me & jack back in my bedroom; she happily obliged and captured some really cute moments of the two of us.  thanks bek!
and check this out, my grandfather brought with him his old school nikon to give to me!
i'm so excited to play around with it!
he's so cute, he's always so interested and supportive of me & my hobbies.
love you g.f.s.

i feel so loved.

thank you everyone who came and shared our special day with us!
we sure appreciate all your love and support!

pictures of my projects coming soon if you're interested.