Friday, July 27, 2012

McCall Idaho, Part 1

 welcome to heaven.  it's pine wooded lake, fresh mountain air & nostalgic memories make mccall one of my most favorite spots on earth. this charming lake town captured my heart long ago.  my family has vacationed here for decades, beginning with my grandmother ruth and it's charm will stay with my soul forever.  i get passionate about it, okay? :) 
these pictures were taken the first day out on the lake.  i quickly realized i didn't have much battery left in my camera.  bummer.  a few moments later i discovered i left my charger at home.  major bummer.  i couldn't believe it.  really?  i was so depressed about it.  the rest of the gang hadn't made it there yet!  it was just us, my parents and brother scott.  i wanted awesome pictures of everyone & everything!  we called all over town to track one down and even met two local photographers to see if their equipment might sync with mine.  no dice.  there wasn't a single thing we could do other than drive for hours to find one.  oh well.  thankfully i was able to capture this first day and finished out the trip out with my iphone.  they're not the same.  regret abounds.  we should have driven to boise.
one of our favorite past times is cruising around the lake looking at all the neat cabins.  most of them have their own docks.  can you imagine?  dreamy. 
shore lodge (above) is the place.  this is where my grandma ruthie worked for many summers as a teen.  i understand she dated the smoke jumpers.  
how about this cute statue of liberty light post (above right)?  too cool!
we don't know this dog.  we just thought she was so cute out there swimming :)  the lake was extra warm this year.  it felt fabulous!
the girls just couldn't contain themselves and had to jump in.  clothes and all. 
we wore them out good!  by the end of the day, they crashed hard every night.  love that!
thank you marmie and papa for making this trip possible!  we such a great time!  we will remember it forever! more iphone pics to come soon :)

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