Wednesday, December 5, 2012

hale - o

so i dusted my camera off and ventured outdoors with these awesome peeps.  this is my darling sister-in-law and her adorable family! aren't they the cutest? they're all so funny and exude oodles of personality, making them extra fun to capture :)  and best of all, my little nephews were so well behaved.  love that.

i prayed hard for good weather.  being in utah, you never know!  thankfully, it turned out to be a beautiful, mild afternoon with gorgeous lighting.  

and doesn't their pretty black lab just make these pics complete?  he's like the icing on top of a delicious gingerbread cookie! yumm

merry christmas hale family!  i had a blast with you! love you guys ♥ xoxo

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