Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Easter Wheat Grass Tutorial


it's time again to begin growing your easter spring grass!

here's how:
fill a solid container (no holes in the bottom) with vermiculite potting soil (i use miracle grow brand-just the regular blend, not the moisture control kind found at any hardware store or garden section) and cover generously with fresh wheat (depending on how much grass you want to grow, i'd say recommend buying at least 3 cups at any health food store in their bins with scoops.  i just use the wheat that i buy in big bags for grinding to make bread) aprox 1/4-1/2" deep - enough to cover the vermiculite completely.

water with a light spray slowly, making sure it seeps in well without overflowing. when water starts to barely pool on top, you have enough water.
cover with plastic wrap to hold in heat and moisture.  water lightly to moisten each day in a sunny spot in your home. and once fully sprouted, remove the plastic and let grow! 
continue to water each day :)

this image above is the grass at approximately day 10.

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