Monday, July 20, 2009

[the hardest golf ball]

we drove up to our country mountain hideaway, bemused and delighted to finally be away!
"everyone out!" we called, leaping to our feet. anxiously enthusiastic to check out the place, we ran in, stared a little while, and smiled because it was beautiful!

we hadn't been there for more than about twenty minutes, brought in maybe three bags, and
out of nowhere a mean white golf ball strikes lulu.

paniked, we rushed to her aid and inspected our daughter.
she was trying to scream, but gasping for air in the same breath.
horrified, we realized what had just taken place.

there was a golf course behind this retreat of ours and while standing in the driveway this "ball" comes soaring over the top of the house, bounces once on the pavement and right up to punch lulu's neck!

how could that happen? a total freak accident!

thankfully she calmed down and was able to tell us how she felt which helped everyone asses the affliction. i was terrified her throat would swell and cut off her airways. we immediately called our family member doctor who happens to be and E.N.T. (thank you dear uncle)
and after deliberating, we decided to give her a priesthood blessing, load her up on some IB Proferen, and literally ice the hell out of her neck.

.sweet little thing.
she quickly recovered with not even a bruise!
what a start to our vacation!

our bad luck flew away and on to better days...
we had a very nice trip!

here are some more photos like i promised :)