Thursday, July 2, 2009

[women to women]

i have to tell you, a few nights ago i met my sister-in-laws for a chick flick downtown. well, after the show we stood in the parking lot laughing and carrying on about this, that and the other when all of the sudden out of nowhere comes a young mother holding a small baby. embarrassed, she asked us to help her pay for a hotel room that night. she was gaunt, but beautiful. she was sad, scared and had nowhere to go.
it made me so troubled inside. i don't know her situation, if she was being truthful or not, but i know there are many women out there who need a lot of help!

i've been so blessed! little glimpses like this really make me stop and reflect on how great i have it!
my dear friend jodi posted a little "shout out" on her blog about "BrightSides" and i thanked her for spreading the word! our conversation turned to charity work and where i would donate to. she suggested that a particular women's shelter in our town would be appropriate considering most of my readers are ladies; i concurred, thinking that would be wonderful. then my homeless mom encounter happened along with my remembrances of volunteering several years ago at the YWCA, and that solid
ified my decision. my first donation will go to a local women's shelter! if you haven't done so already, link me up & help spread some heart!
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love you guys!