Tuesday, November 17, 2009

[the disappearing dish]


while laughing, chatting and carrying on like sisters do, katie and i sat on the phone talking about a dish.
this is not just any dish,
this is my disappearing dish!
kate reminded me that she still had my baker i had used a very long time ago when i took her family dinner. as she tried to explain to me which one it was, i clued in and realized it was my white, shallow, oval baking dish with the cracks... my escapee dish! given to us as a wedding gift, i couldn't believe it had been hiding out in her home for as long as it had! we chuckled and she apologized for not returning it to me sooner. that is when i quickly explained how this dish somehow hides from me.

desperate dish!

she somehow always makes it home. i swear she runs away from me! she's invisible, she moves, sneaks around, i don't know what kind of magic clay she was made from, but every time i go to use her, i can't find her! she's GONE! i'm serious!
she eventually turns up... fashionably late of course.

kate and i rambled on and on about what this dish must be thinking. i believe we spent a good half hour giggling about the fact that this ceramic even survived one of her moves (apparently her packers didn't use enough bubble wrap, because many of her pieces perished along the way)!

we both agreed this story was bloggable - and while conversing, we dreamed up what this tired old dish might say:

"stop it, stop using me! i'm simply burned out! you've baked in me, dropped me off and just left me so many times, i am finished! can't you see i am decrepit and cracked! please leave me alone! please let me rest and hide deep in kate's cupboards where it's dark, cool and i never get used! please, i beg of you, leave me alone cruel woman!"

am i the only one, or has anyone else had a dish like this?

well, kate ended up se
nding her home, and much to her dismay she is now back in my possession. i plan to keep a good eye on her this time. maybe i will find a replacement and give this "down in the dumps" dish a break... we'll see :)