Wednesday, November 11, 2009


did you know...

eggs can make you happy? how do you like yours?


i am normally not a giant egg fan, but i think i like hard boiled the best... i definitely plan to eat them more often after reading these cold hard facts!
ironically i happened upon this info while reading a magazine during our crazy family trip this last weekend.
i was with no question ornery - this is just what i needed to hear!

is necessary for maintaining a happy mood, reducing anxiety and irritability, and helps us sleep. there are several things that can cause our serotonin to go south, here are a few examples:

a tryptophan-deficient or low-protein diet. tryptophan (present in many protein sources, like eggs, fish, poultry & milk) is the primary amino acid from which serotonin is created.
no tryptophan equals no serotonin equals a very unhappy mood.

interesting huh? i never knew this!

blood-sugar imbalances (insulin resistance or pre-diabetes). this condition comes from eating a processed food, high-sugar diet. the imbalance briefly spikes - and then depletes - your serotonin, leading to mood swings.

magnesium deficiency. this is an incredibly common deficiency in our society because of stress, caffeine, sugar and alcohol all deplete magnesium. the deficiency, in turn, prevents the body from making serotonin.

a severe lack of serotonin is why some people need drugs like prozac and zoloft. interestingly, one of the reasons many people crave refined carbohydrates and sugars is that eating them results in a serotonin surge. but the effect is only temporary: serotonin levels then crash, causing renewed cravings for something starchy or surgary. unfortunately, this same dynamic ultimately makes us feel more depressed.

have you been in a bad mood lately?

maybe this will help [grin]

facts and info from:

Comfort Food for Your Brain
by Mark Hyman, MD
Experience Life pg. 62|November 2009