Wednesday, May 26, 2010

[california usa: part I]

ahh laguna...

blog,May 2010 Laguna Beach CA
blog,blog,May 2010 Laguna Beach CA,May 2010 Laguna Beach CA

rapid fire shots taken right after little blake was pulled out of the cold ocean water. his unsolicited swim scared him pretty bad -
but what do ya know? this brave little man headed right back in!

what a stud!

blog,May 2010 Laguna Beach CAblog,May 2010 Laguna Beach CAblog,May 2010 Laguna Beach CA

word on the beach was that these two little cousins (above) kissed. when asked about it later, tally replied in his deep raspy little voice,
"they're pants on fire!!! we didn't kiss!"
ha ha

no kissing cousins!