Thursday, November 11, 2010

[love notes]

this morning when i was making my bed after lulu left for school, i discovered this little note she left for me on my nightstand.  
what a way to start the morning! 
it always feels good to be loved & appreciated :)
 i needed this little booster.
after glancing at it again, it looks like i sat her down and had her write over and over again (envisioning the teacher & the blackboard scene) i love you and you are the best mom LOL
i sure teach 'em right!

now how do i get sam to write me one?  he's in need of some major points! [pouty lips]

i've been trying to keep myself busy and it's not very hard.
while sam has been working around the clock lately on their new software release, i've been taking care of everything around here.  gosh!
i have a whole new appreciation for single mothers & women who's husbands work out of town.
the best thing i've found is to not even plan on him being here or seeing him.  it's sad, but it makes it easier.
hopefully after next week i'll have him back!
really, i'm just grateful he has a job & i'm so grateful for all he does to support our family.
he wants to be here.  he feels bad.  we understand.
i truly am blessed to be a stay at home mom; 
although, like oprah says, it is the hardest job in the world!
sometimes rewarding j/k

candles have been my friends and motivation these days.  their spicy aroma somehow motivates me...
they excite me with their holiday smell & glow.  yesterday after laying around all morning feeling unproductive and exhausted, i lit my favorite candle and turned on some Christmas music.  
i somehow transformed and began buzzing through the whole house cleaning every surface. 
i highly recommend it!
there's nothing like a clean and clutter free home, is there?
i will enjoy it today and try to keep it up.  it usually doesn't last very long with children!  or shall i say my children?

gotta love all the pen marks all over this little ceramic pumpkin :)
i wish that was the only object in our house attacked by my little artists...
my walls sure need some good magic eraser action!  that was one of several things i didn't get done yesterday.  maybe today.

you must watch this clip!
my friend's husband michael ethington is an amazing pianist!  his believe album is one of our favorites!

h a p p y   t h u r s d a y !