Friday, November 12, 2010

[meet sparkles]

eewwww!  look at that water!
yesterday breenie reminded me that it was time to clean the fish bowl.
we call her the fish whisperer
she carefully whisks up this little creature with her bare hands and lovingly replaces her to her new home.

several months ago while my girls were at my parents with their little cousins, my mom ever so bravely took them to the pet store.  all the kids really wanted little frogs or turtles, but the closest they got were beta fish.
my mom happily bought the kids their own little swimmer.
after they came home and surprised mommy with their famous prize, my mom told me that breenie sat and cried at the store because she was worried i'd be mad and wouldn't let them keep 'em.
she kept telling marmie (the name her grandkids call her), "we better not."
she's such a little tender heart.
my mom convinced her that i would be fine with the fish and not to worry.
well, i was fine for a little while...
one didn't live for more than a week, i think they killed it when trying to put sharp dirty rocks on the bottom of the bowl :(
i warned them!

now i'm ready to give this little thing up for adoption!
i had no idea she would live this long!
we tried to pawn it off on our neighbors after they babysat her while we were on vacation, 
but they brought her back (after like 2 weeks - i kept forgetting to go get her - out of sight out of mind i guess lol - sorry ariane)

sparkles is a good girl... she's pretty easy i guess.
the girls just really want a dog now and that won't be anytime soon!  
i keep telling them that their new little brother will be their new pet :)

we really need to jazz up this fish bowl.  
poor little thing is probably bored to tears! can fish cry?

have a great weekend!