Wednesday, December 1, 2010

[yummy preparations]

it's december 1st and really time to rock it!
it won't be long now until santa comes and i have a lot to do!

first on the list, my youngest's birthday!  
she's turning 3 and having her first friend party on saturday! 
we're having a little holiday bash!

annie requested party hats and a real pony - lol.  where did she get that from?
sorry, no pony.
party hats we can do!

so today we will be gathering supplies and preparing for a yummy little celebration!
i plan to attempt gingerbread for the first time.  wish me luck.  any tips?

aren't these little peppermint meringues so unique and adorable?  i've never seen anything like them before.
find the recipe here

(pictures courtesy of martha stewart)