Monday, January 10, 2011

[despicable me]

wow, it's been a really long time since i've posted anything!
the holidays were busy and beautiful and it was a much needed break from our regular routine.

then came the bad colds... 
bronchitis + pregnancy + an infected eye + a scrunched gallbladder = one miserable mommy - i was a wreck!
new years eve was spent at home in our jammies watching despicable me and eating popcorn with the kids 
(thanks chad - it's the best popcorn maker ever!) 
what a great show!

this last week sam had the week off, so i put him to good use with a large honey do list!
we cleaned out drains, organized the pantry, painted & moved the kid's bedrooms around as we prepare the nursery.

i think we're both nesting.  actually, sam usually always hits project mode in january...  it's a great trait.
sam decided our theme for 2011 is simplify
it's a good goal.
i like it.
de-clutter, streamline and organize

here's what i've dreamed up for the nursery.  
sam's not going for it.  it's too modern/metro/whatever for him.

i get it.
who knows what we'll end up doing!  i do still think we'll do the transportation bedding and possibly a few other elements, we'll see.
we're getting down to the wire here...
must .  keep . working 

i plan to enjoy the sunshine and clean up all the leftover project mess.  
oh yeah, and finish taking down Christmas.
have a great monday!