Wednesday, December 21, 2011

are you ready?

it's getting down to the wire!  are you ready for Christmas? 
ahhh, i have a lot to do still!  i haven't wrapped one present yet!  so today i plan to tackle that task.
however, i am going to sneak one more print run in later this afternoon if any one is interested in ordering any last minute Christmas gift prints and picking them up at my house tomorrow.  
if so, message me and i'll give you the 411 on how to order and skip shipping costs :)

last night i decided to play around with a couple new hip & bold colors to add to the shop.  turquoise & chartreuse have joined the "small homes" series!
hopefully they'll be well received and give a bit more variety!
i also offer custom color creation for an additional $5 if anyone is wanting a certain color.

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