Thursday, December 29, 2011

our wall of fame

this is my favorite wall in the house.  our wall of fame.  all a lot of our heros' pictures and letters hang here.  all the people we love and admire.  friends & family- that's what life is all about!  Christmas cards are the best!  thank you to all those who sent us theirs!  we almost didn't get ours out this year- some of you may still be receiving them.  i ordered them up and they got lost somewhere in transit.  better late than never i guess!
YEEE there's nothing better than seeing their little surprised faces Christmas morning!  santa did pretty well i'd say!  all things that move apparently was the theme this year :)  lucky for them it was dry outside.  i still missed the snow.  this year has been the driest december in utah history.  crazy!
a fresh new calendar for a fresh new year!  i'm so excited to start filling it in!  does anyone else besides me and my seester get that pumped up about a clean new calendar?  thanks kates for your gift!

wow!  every year it's always so hard to believe how fast Christmas comes and goes.  i think i'm going to miss the hustle and bustle a little.  let's get real, there's always hustle and bustle around here!   my #1 goal for 2012 is to be better at planning out my days & following through with a schedule.   i better get on that!  what's your #1 resolution?

i hope you enjoy your last few days of december!  i know we will!  the kids are still home and we're savoring all the free time we have :)

happy new year!!!

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