Monday, December 7, 2009

[back float]

back floating is pretty easy right?
sure! for a while it's nice, tranquil and refreshing; it's great...
until even the smallest waves start splashing over your face, and it's not so comfortable anymore.
time to turn over and swim ashore.
as i lay back, float along, and things seem to be going great, life happens again.
thankfully nothing major... small waves, but interruptions to my peaceful swim.

my toddler turned two and now i fully understand the famous term "the terrible twos" - my latest waves.
what happened? right on her birthday!
i feel lots of extra kneeling coming on - asking my dear Heavenly Father for added patience and help.


one thing that did make her very happy and me as well today, was this fun gift she got for her birthday.
a swimming baby!
she really swims! she'll swim on her back and stomach... awesome!
she's so cute and very entertaining for all our kids!

if you are still looking for a little girl christmas gift, here you go!
we found this one at walmart for $15 by little dreams
(i didn't notice if they had a little boy swimmer doll)
a sure hit!


now back to my laps!