Saturday, December 19, 2009

[the scent of a woman] a house with a fresh pine wreath!

blog,december 2009

there are two things my husband strongly dislikes:

wreaths and needles (pine needles that is).
he's always bumping into the hanging arrangements, cursing them every time. "they're always in my way!" he gripes. and the mess of dried fallen needles makes him twitchy too. silly practical man! i love wreaths, all kinds.

but ahhh, there's nothing more festive and nostalgic than real aromatic boughs!
i can't get enough! my nose is continually glued to our door where it's hung.
because sam loves me so much, he puts up with me and all my musings :)

i think i acquired the love of fresh pine from my dad. we share the same sniffer genes i think. if a restaurant smells weird, we're outta there. very sensitive.
it was too cute, when i had my december baby, he brought fresh boughs to my hospital room for me! every time visitors or nurses walked in, they couldn't help but comment and reminisce about Christmas trees. so jolly! sam bit his tongue and kept patiently sweeping up the needles.
i love you sammy!

sorry, but scented pine candles are just not the same!

blog,december 2009

the one candle i do absolutely love is winter, it's the best!
.gotta love these luminaries too.