Monday, December 21, 2009

[love at first lens]

the smell of freshly peeled oranges
and my four year old's cute little version of taylor swift's
love story are in dancing around in the background as i snap off all kinds of objects around me.

sam and the kids decided they couldn't wait to give me my Christmas gift; they excitedly brought me a big box taped up and adorned with a red sticky bow stuck on top.
after trying to insist on waiting, i lost, and then proceeded to hesitantly open the mysterious package they quickly prepared.

after several seconds of fishing through oodles of bright white tissue paper, i spotted it. my new love.
my micro lens!

blog,december 2009

"what? are you serious? no way!" i screamed.
"ahhhh!!!" i couldn't stand to look at it one moment longer!
carefully ripping it out of the box and quickly attaching it to my camera is what i surely did.
"go ahead, take some pictures already!" sam hollered with a gigantic grin.
he proceeded to tell me all of the functions and details about the fabulous new thing.

craving a good close up and bribing my kids to pose was my next move.
then pine cones, Christmas lights, glittered ornament balls, and pretty much everything in sight was captured!

blog,december 2009

this lens can focus within six inches of any object.
for portraits and table top photography, this bad boy surely gets 'em good!

blog,december 2009

i told sam that it probably wasn't a very good idea to give me this gift 5 days before Christmas...
now nothing will get done :) all i want to do is take MORE pictures!

i just had to post a little bit of my happiness tonight :)

thanks family!

blog,december 2009

merry monday to you!