Tuesday, August 17, 2010

[hand in hand]


to look up and not down,
to look forward and not back,
to look out and not in ~
and to lend a hand.

-edward everett hale

it was the perfect day to take a picture.
overcast. bright blue sky. great big beautiful clouds. light breezes.
until we actually went to take some.
just my luck, we arrived and baked in the blaring sun.
these four were so good and did awesome!
hoping a few shots would turn out nice, i am pleasantly surprised at how much i love them!

this one above is probably my favorite ~ 
hand in hand, their little sister walks with trust and loves them :)

she's so blessed to have three amazing older brothers.

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p.s. i must vent for a minute.  the new blogger templates are driving me nuts!  i really don't like 'em! i just want the old ones back! if you know how, please help :)  thanks.