Wednesday, August 18, 2010

[mad for muffins]

the other day i had an intense desire for blueberry muffins.
pregnancy is so awesome.
i asked for suggestions on facebook as to where i may find such delicious desserts - because that's what you do on facebook.  
have a question and need it answered in a jiffy?  facebook.

thankfully sheri came to the rescue!  she suggested starbucks since one of my stipulations was a drive-thru (there was no chance i was changing out of my jammies that day!)  brilliant!
so i spent ten dollars on baked goods; i thought about it for a half a second and quickly realized i didn't give a darn.  i had my muffins and they tasted so good!

knowing full well that the kids would be all over them like a rat on a cheeto
i made sure to have my fair share first!

eat your little heart out kid!

get your own muffin!