Monday, August 2, 2010

[tuna roux]

the summer days keep flying by and growing a baby is hard work!
my life right now has been occupied with school uniforms, nordstrom's anniversary sale (i only bought 4 items, but am pretty excited about them), appendectomy recovery & late night evenings outside this last week.

last sunday sam had an emergency appendectomy.  crazy.  he stayed home from church after a long painful night of zero sleep... when we came home to find him in more pain,  we knew it was time to head to the e.r.  
low and behold, appendicitis was his diagnosis and out came his appendix.

so between having sam home, crazy wild kids running around and a messy house, 
an easy dinner was just what the doctor ordered.

tuna roux (aka toast with tuna, white sauce and peas)  
my mom used to make this on a pinch and i always loved it.  now my family loves it too!

so quick. so simple. so cheap. so good.

•to make the roux:
melt 1/2 stick butter in a saucepan over medium heat.  add 1/2 cup flour and mix until you form a smooth ball of dough.  add *approximately 1 cup of milk and stir constantly until thick.  be careful not to burn it.  add salt and pepper to taste, and now you've made the white sauce.  
*depending on how thick or thin you like the rue, you can either add less/more milk. 

•to assemble open faced sandwiches:
toast your favorite bread and lightly butter it.  layer with plain canned tuna, the roux, and top with warm peas.
Cut up and enjoy!

the roux, 3 small cans tuna, 1 small pkg of frozen peas, and 7-8 slices of bread will feed our family of five.
cheers to easy dinners!