Thursday, September 9, 2010


the bite in our september air sends cool shivers down my spine.  actually warm and cool at the same time.  
i am a lover of all seasons, but as we head into each forthcoming one, i swoon.
bring on the pumpkins, wassail, and cowl neck sweaters!

out of nowhere, my little crabapple tree developed the most beautiful little reds.

pulled off my bookshelf and dusty as the dickens, i thumbed through an old fairy tale book given to me by my great grandmother.  
dated 1922 by the PLATT & MUNK CO.
this tattered & water damaged book holds deep sentimental value to me.
found inside are exquisite and whimsical drawings.
sadly, it does not name the illustrator.
(little red riding hood featured below)

hmm, would a pregnant little red riding hood be cute for halloween?