Thursday, September 16, 2010

[today's paper]

sam ran back in the house as he was leaving for work this morning and threw down this morning's paper for me, slapped me on the behind and gave me a big kiss.  "have a great day!" i hollered, "you too!"  he replied as he hurried out the back door.
cleaning up breakfast, packing lunches, and shuffling around the kitchen in my flannel pants and one of sam's big comfy tees, i opened the wide pages of the world (with our utah flare).

as i flipped through and found the mormon times section of the deseret news, i was inspired by an article about a new ad campaign featuring normal, talented, wonderful people who are mormons.  
i wanted to share these awesome stories with you today!  they're fabulous!
watch this:

here are the rest
have a rockin' day!