Saturday, October 30, 2010


(picture courtesy of brandi johns)

ha ha ha, last night sam and i dressed up as brad pitt and angelina jolie for [our friend's] famous johns/lowry annual halloween party!

my parents came out to watch the kids while we partied; but before we left, my mom assisted me in arm tats and HUMUNGO lips.  we could not stop laughing as she drew these giant red smackers on my face!!!

yesterday i spent most of the day in search of asian baby dolls; but with no luck had to create my own.
so i sharpied up some of the girl's white babies with black hair and dark eyes.  it's all in the details, right? LOL
i kept repeating to my girls, "only mommy can color on these dolls, okay?"  "never do this!  got it?"

you can't see in this picture (i should have taken some), but my forearms were covered with roman numerals, chinese writing and dragons.  the kids could not stop asking about them.  again i warned, "only mommy can color on her arms, okay?"  "never do this!  got it?"
Wow, what a great mother :)

we had a fun time sporting maddox, pax, zahara and shiloh with knox and viv in the womb :)
we got some good laughs!  everyone kept telling me they couldn't look at me and my enormous lips without laughing!
oh the fun!

happy halloween!