Tuesday, October 5, 2010


this last weekend sam and i celebrated twelve years of marriage!
i can't even believe we've been married that long.
we're so old!

to celebrate, we went on a little trip with my parents and sister & brother-in-law!
unfortunately, i didn't bring my camera :(  
what was i thinking?  
i guess i didn't want to lug it around with me the whole time.

i did get a picture of this amazingly fun store with my iphone.
these soaps were masterpieces - some of them looked like scoops of ice cream, 
others like watermelon slices (see in picture above), mini cakes, and many more mouthwatering (do not taste - lol) shapes!

this is the best shot i got.

this particular store we visited was in mandalay bay's shoppes.
 regrettably, i was too cheap to buy any of their products.
i just couldn't bring myself to spend $5+ on a one time only bath bomb.

we just enjoyed the eye candy!