Friday, October 8, 2010

[costume crunch]

it's coming...

(the girls helped me make cupcakes for their school's bake sale - we each snuck one)

(a white shirt?  what was i thinking?  by some crazy miracle, she happened to keep it spotless)

before we know it, halloween will be knocking at our door.
i can't wait!
or can i?
for whatever reason, i tend to stress myself out on all the details.
it's so silly!  so stupid!  i think it's mainly the costumes.  i need to make my kids make up their minds.
we need to pin it down now.

i walk through the stores and stare at everything.
i'd love to buy it all, but then i usually end up buying nothing, thinking i have plenty of time.

then, every year when we actually make our final choices and need to find accessories, carving knives, etc., everything is either picked over or gone.
do you do this or am i the only one?

so this weekend we will decide.
we will pull out the costume bin, jump on-line, whatever it takes to get the job done 
so mummy can rest in peace.