Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the graduate

hi hi!
hello to the living!  hello yard.  hello cute little yellow dandelions that should not be in my grass.  hello dear yummy smelling white lilac bushes growing under my windows.   it's great to see you again!

last thursday i hurt my back [insert virtual frustration here]
yeah, i leaned over to load the dishwasher, and while bent, i heard a pop/crack lame bucket noise.
OUCH.  i was barely able to stand up straight and make it to the sofa.   thankfully my cute neighbor laurie was able to come and save me!  she pulled jack out of his crib, changed him, dressed him, and then fed the two littles breakfast until my mom could get here.

short story shorter, i spooned with my heat pad and laptop for four days straight.  
on the "brightside"{funny little side note for us to remember- annie (4 yrs old) started using air quotes on us lol}
my mom and i got a chance to hang out together

a few other highlights for being bed ridden:
• i watched this old house on saturday.  i smiley face that show.
• i was given an essential oils massage.  love.
• i was brought yummy food in bed
• i created some new prints!  it was challenging with a laptop mouse.  i had to do something.

here is one i designed for a client & decided you may love it too!  it's now available for purchase in the shop!  i also added some great new colors to my color chart.  yay!

here is the graduate and my updated color chart
graduations are coming up quick!  place your orders soon to make sure you receive your prints in time ❤

oh, so is it true?  once a bad back always a bad back?  i hope not!  i hope you're doing well!   

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