Friday, April 6, 2012

we can do hard things & may the odds be ever in your favor today

hello friends!  the skies are gray today & i'm feeling frisky in a spring breaklet's go play outside today kinda way!  maybe it's these print's blues & yellows that are making me smile☺ maybe it's the fact that i only got 3.5 hours sleep last night- i'm an idiot.  nah, i know the reason for my internal bliss today, but i'd rather not say.

how are you?  are you ready for easter?  i only have 3 things so far.  again, i am an idiot.  i will be buying picked over little trinkets, candy and bonnets (ok, i don't buy bonnets but it sounded appropriate) tonight or tomorrow night at 10 pm.  why is that?  why do i hold off?  

enough about me already, i wanted to introduce to you my newest prints!  the first one, we can do hard things and i can do hard things was inspired by my children and their kick butt charter school.  one of their main mottos is "we can do hard things" and i love it- like more than you'll ever know love it.  so i wanted to share it with the world.  we can do hard things!

i think this print would make such a great graduation gift, teacher gift for their classroom, mother's day gift, or just for the heck of it!  I think this would look so awesome blown up big like as 16x20" or 20x30" in an office, family room or bedroom.  really it could go anywhere.  i'm planning to frame a 20x30 for my family room.  can't wait- just trying to figure out what color i want ☺

and the second print may the odds be ever in our favor was inspired by an endearing wish from the beloved Hunger Games series.  I thought this saying would be great for the family; wishing each other well through life ❤ 

This print can also be made with the word 'your' instead of 'our' like the original saying.
and don't forget you can still receive 20% off your entire order for all 6th street readers.  go get the code!

happy good friday friends!  

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