Saturday, June 23, 2012

owie wowie

we didn't plant it.  it just showed up one day.

this beautiful cactus that stands alone in our yard continues to grow and thrive- even through our freezing cold winters.  amazing.  although they supposedly hurt like hell if you sit on one, so said my grandpa, i like them.  and i'm pretty excited about this prickly plant of ours.  note to self: i better re-tell grandpa's story to the kids so they won't touch.  ouch.

 it's getting hot and this owie wowie sun worshiper has got to be loving it.  i on the other hand, am still acclimating.  and how about this wild wind we've been having?  enough!  and hello?  enough talk about the weather too!  gees.
so, i've been comparing myself to this cactus lately.  i think i've isolated myself the last little while.  i am a lone reed.  i mean, a lone cactus.  it feels like i haven't seen any of my friends in ages!  i'm trying to figure it out, but i think when my schedule changes (like summer break or christmastime) i get all goofed up, out of sync & a bit overwhelmed- which is completely sad, because summer break and christmastime are the absolute funnest times to be with people!  the kids have been with their peeps... why not me?  forget the dishes & laundry!

so sorry friends if i've been totally MIA and lame lately!  i have become anti-social and it's dumb.  i'll work on getting my crap together- because i really do have good intentions and want to see you!


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