Tuesday, June 12, 2012

summer is here.

dang.  it's been a long time since i've blogged.  so it's summer now.  and you know what that means.   it's been non-stop around this casa!  i need a doorman - a little robot guard would do - just someone to make sure jack doesn't escape while the others run in & out with their friends.  just today i heard the little stink rattling the door knob trying to come back inside.  i had no idea he was even outside!  he could have gone anywhere.  he could have caught a bus.  he could have been hit by a car.   thankfully i came close to the door to hear him!  ahhh!  mom & dad, if you read this, don't worry - i will be watching him like a hawk.  i will put a bell on him too.  and i believe in angels.

pshh.  i think i'm finally done cleaning up puke & poop.  my two littlest caught an awful flu bug about a week and a half ago.  it's been the death of me.  it lasted forever.  i've been a mess.  

amidst the chaos, i've been really trying to capture our summer so far.  it's all been with my iphone & instagram lately.  it's so quick & convenient.  i didn't understand it before.  i was like, "what's the big dealio with instagram?" now i'm like, "this is cool!" and...  i'm hooked.  do you instagram? 
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