Tuesday, June 5, 2012

there's something about sabrina

 there's something about sabrina that just makes smile & snicker & glow inside.  she's a doll.  she's so funny and has the cutest little laugh you'll ever hear.  she's a monkey.  she's a spider monkey.  she can climb & scale just about anything.  

sabrina came 5 weeks early and gave us a pretty good scare!  she flatlined right after birth and spent a week in the NICU due to premature lungs.  she's a tough little cookie and we're so glad she is!

i love this picture (above) because it shows what a sweet big sister she is.  she sure loves her sisters and little brother!  she's such great little helper and sharer.  [we think] she's just plain darling. 

this cutie turned 7 last week and you bet ya we celebrated!  we do friend parties every other year, so this year was our off year to have a family party!  sabrina chose chuck-a-rama for dinner and then she got to pick out a new bike!!!  
she chose a hot pink one with black tires & gears.  she was rolling in joy!

she also got a new brave doll, a pair of running shoes & some clothes.  lucky ducky.

love you breenie-breen!  happy 7th sis! 

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