Friday, September 14, 2012

the bottle dangler

sigh, i'm crazy in love with the little dimple in his chin.  he's such a little man.  he turns 20 months in a couple of weeks.  how?!   
get that bottle off of my keyboard stinker!
he was up and down and all around the other morning, getting into everything.  he thinks he's so big.  he thinks he's pretty tough stuff too.  jack makes having a boy so fun!  he's obsessed with balls, wheels & dirt.  he gets mad when he can't ride in dad's jeep.  that right there makes sam wildly happy.  i love it.  i love that he already has a little wheeling pal.  
aren't you so glad i talked you into having one more?  you're welcome sammy ;)
oh jack, it's going to be so fun watching you continue to grow.  what will you be like son?  what will your talents be?  who will your first date be?  just don't grow up too fast, k?
love you duder!

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