Friday, October 5, 2012

counting down

it's friday!  it's friday!  i'm so excited!  it's friday!

i'm counting down the hours until conference.  i told sam this morning that i'm not getting out of bed all weekend.  i just want to cozy up and watch the speakers in my jammies.  he laughed.  i always say that, and after about half a day of lounging, i get restless and insist on going for a mountain drive to listen & hunt for leaves.   we'll see this year.
i printed this fall print up big for my kitchen the other day.  i'm loving it in this space.  
it is now available for purchase in 11x14" & 16x20" (as shown).  it's not too late to display this.  i'm going to leave mine up through thanksgiving!  

don't forget you can receive 25% off your entire order now through 10/10 - even on sale items! coupon code: falling25

have a great day friends!

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