Thursday, January 19, 2017

Winter Rug Sales!!

Today I'm still in my jammies and happy as a clam because I don't have to leave my house this morning!  It's snowing outside, and when I saw that many of my favorite rugs were on sale, I couldn't wait to cozy up and spend the morning digging around for the best deals on all my faves for you!

I have several indoor/outdoor Dash & Albert rugs in my home, and so far, I have LOVED them.  My favorite part about them, is the fact that everything wipes right off them!  A few red raspberries fell on the floor the other day, and the ones that got on my indoor/outdoor rug wiped right off with no stains!  The one that fell on my jute rug didn't come off so easily :/  

Rugs # 2,3,21 and 23 are all Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor 

complete links below - numbered from left to right.  
I added a few numbers to the image for quick reference :)

1. bjorn | 2. samode | 3. rugby | 4. herringbone | 5. bouclé | 6. annabelle | 7. knobby loop | 8. nordic kilim | 9. cambridge | 10. tiles | 11. idina | 12. pebble shag | 13. woven rope | 14. woven cotton | 15. poppy | 16. surya jute | *17. braided trellis | **18. plaid picnic | *19. maui chunky loop | **20. flatweave gingham | 21. cleo moss | 22. sisal | 23. scooter | 24. makenna

*Be sure to use coupon code WINTER15 for this rug
**Use the coupon code CLR90 for 90% these ones

Prices for items found today 1/19/17 and may be subject to change or no longer available.  Be sure to read reviews- I do my best to promote high quality goods, but cannot personally guarantee all recommendations. 

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Thanks for shopping with me!  Hope you have a great Thursday!