Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[carry me]


today has been an incredibly emotional day for me.
i received word that my sweet friend just found out her little boy has cancer.
as i type this, i don't even know what to say. i am heartbroken and sick inside. when i first heard the news, i was in complete and utter shock. about an hour later, i found myself sobbing to my mom on the phone. "why do little children have to go through these kinds of things!" i wept, "it's terrible!" i rambled on and on about it to my cute mom who completely agreed with me, and somehow made me feel better like she always does with her wonderful words of wisdom. i can't even put into words what she said, i was so absent minded, but it was all inspiring. i do know that this earthly experience is not about "stuff", but it is all about our own special little families- having children and loving them more than anything else in the universe. the only thing we can take with us after this life is our relationships and our memories.

so Lord, please carry me.
please help me be a better mother. please help me never to take my little ones for granted. please help me carry them as they grow, for our time with them is short and truly sacred.

this is good

blog,February 2010
(i took this picture not knowing how i would use it last week. although this entry has nothing to do with dogs, i do believe it was meant for this)

we love you spencer!
our prayers and love are with you and your amazing family!
take care little buddy!