Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[the box]

i keep walking past my perfectly ripe bananas time and time again as they sit inadequately on my kitchen counter. their yellowness cannot be missed and i know they're just aching for
a good old fashioned mash whoopin'.

it's high time i make some banana bread. i can't remember the last time i made it and it just sounds so fitting on this wet, dark, chilly day. mmmm, warm, moist, fluffy sweet bread.
as i began looking for my grandmother's famous recipe, i remembered this mess!

blog,April 2010

my handy dandy beat up recipe box.

just to stroll down memory lane for a moment, i bought this box a few months before i wed.

i was so excited to have my own box in my own kitchen with all my favorite documented methods. after copying many of my mom's cards and even some i saved from home ec, i decided to laminate all of them to ensure their integrity.

well, that never happened again! once "real life" set in (lol) this box has been shoved tightly with clippings, notes, print outs and chicken scratchings.

i cannot find my recipe.

it's about time i re-vamp, consolidate and organize my box. or should i start a binder? or, should i digitize & put them all on my computer? what is the best way?
i would love to know how you do it!
this will be a big job and i'd love to do it efficiently. i love recipes and have them coming out my ears! help!

are recipe boxes known to say a lot about a person?
if so, i'm in big trouble!

p.s. tomorrow is earth day!
maybe i should plant a tree or something :)
go here for awesome earth day fun on my favorite new found blog