Thursday, April 8, 2010

[fabric flower tutorial]

blog,April 2010

you probably already know how to do this or can totally figure it out on your own, but...

have you seen these cute swirly things floating around?
they're quite hot little items.
i bought a headband with these attached and decided this is something even i can do!
for a fraction of the price and a little fun, these are something you and your kids can make together! they're super easy - i promise!

blog,April 2010

this is the first time i've done this type of tutorial, so bear with me.

1. gather up any fun fabrics you desire. i found this fabric (shown) at ikea. they have so many fun funky fabrics with great colors & patterns. the awesome thing about this project is that long thin scraps and clips or hairbands will be all you need!

2. cut your strip 1/2 inch wide and as long as you wish (longer = a bigger flower) it doesn't need to be cut perfectly. the shabby edges are what give these little babies their beauty :)

3. start by twisting the fabric and begin circling it around each other. i twist the beginning (the middle and hold it down with my forefinger and thumb; and then use my ring finger to hold the roll in place. using my right hand i just twist the fabric as i go around and around itself.
if you like the tight look, twist the fabric tighter and use thinner fabric, or twist a bit looser for the fuller look.

4. keep holding it tightly together, and to finish it off, fold the end over on the back and hot glue it down.

5. from the back side, i lightly glued the seams together to make sure it all stayed tightly intact.

blog,April 2010

now, just pick your hairpin or headband preference. just hot glue them on to anything. i laid a piece of matching fabric over the ponytail holder/elastic headband to make sure they don't go anywhere.
there are endless possibilities for these puppies.
you can make broaches, add them to t-shirts, hats, make necklaces, anything!

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blog,April 2010blog,April 2010

please let me know if you have any questions or need to come over and have a lesson!